Why PowerCloud Web Hosting?

Our hosting services provides a personal touch in providing reliable uptime and 24/7 support for your web solutions. We can accommodate a range of web solutions from a variety of website types, to .NET web applications, and more. Our hosting services can provide cost effective options including shared hosting and dedicated servers. All our hosting packages are 100% scalable to accommodate your ever-growing business.


Our hosting is 99.9% reliable to hosting related issues keeping you online for longer. We are dedicated to providing the best quality services to all of our customers.


Our systems are optimised to provide the fastest possible connection based on your hosting plan. PowerCloud’s systems are optimised to give your site the best optimum performance.


All of our hosting packages are 100% scalable as standard. This allows for your website to grow with your business without the issues other providers have with traffic.

Web Applications

For businesses requiring server-side processing of information.

Our web application development team build upon their years of experience to provide your business with a high-quality web app. This service is for those who wish to customise website interaction with users, whether it be with user accounts or e-commerce, which we can cater for all. Get in touch to find out if this solution is suited for your business.

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Hosting Services

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WordPress Hosting

Build and host your WordPress website with easy scalability and reliability separating us from the competition.

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Website Hosting

This website hosting solution enables reliable and cost-effective hosting of websites that do not require server-side processing.

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Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated server plans allow you to ‘own’ an entire server preventing other hosting partners from slowing you down.

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Scalable Hosting

All our hosting solutions are built to be 100% scalable depending on demand.

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Database Hosting

Most of our plans include database hosting as standard, but we can provide sole database hosting for a variety of solutions.

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Web Application Hosting

For those websites requiring further server processing, we provide a hosting solution for a variety of languages and make them easy to maintain and deploy.

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SSL & Security

We can provide SSL certificates and further security services so you don’t have to.

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Migration Services

Hosted elsewhere and looking to move? We provide free migration services to our basic hosting plans.

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